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Becoming a Premium Finance International Broker

We believe that solid and credible businesses can only come through trust and strong relationships. That is why at Premium Finance International we maintain a growing network of international intermediaries that provide us with pre-vetted quality business opportunity.

If you are a finance professional or regulated intermediary and are seeking a reliable company to service the bespoke needs and requirements of your clients, we welcome you to join our expanding international broker network.

Our brokers are duly appointed representatives of our Company and operate internationally in all four corners of the globe. However there are certain criteria that we impose to ensure that only quality business is transacted as well as manage our time more effectively. Our brokers are expected to undertake preliminary checks on clients prior to introduction of clients to us that:

the transaction being proposed is legitimate and economically sound.
the client has the financial standing that is expected of them. We cannot provide any facilities to clients that are not financially stable or solvent.
the client fully understands the procedure for issuance as well as terms and condition of the deed of agreement.
In transacting business with the client, Premium Finance International will always pass communications and requests via the Broker, allowing the Broker to maintain full control and management of his client.

If interested in becoming a broker please contact us.

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Premium Finance:

Premium Finance International is registered in England and Wales with registration number 8368464.
Consumer Credit license number 656288.

Tel: +44 5371 83510
Address: 19 Milton Road East,
NR32 1NT


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